A personal tool tethering consultation

Or demonstration to all your workforce, you choose.

You can book a meeting with a tool tethering expert right here.

It's not 'One Size Fits All'
As broad or as specific as you want. We can start high-level with dropped object awareness, or drill-down into your own bespoke tool tethering needs.

It's not 'Users Only'
If you want us to meet with senior management and team leaders before rolling out to operatives, that's no problem. We can work your way.

It's not just talk.
Try it for yourself. Nothing beats exploring the tool tethering range and trying out the lastest developments on your own tools.

Here's some of the things you will learn:

  • Who is at risk from dropped tools and objects
  • How to deploy a simple tool tethering system that everyone can understand
  • Tips on promoting a safe working culture when working at height
  • We'll also give you a starter pack to get you on the way to a drop free workplace!
Ready to go? Let's get the show on the road!

Got questions?

Here's some quick answers.

Is it really free?

Is there a catch?
No. There's no funny business.

How far do you travel?
Our Tool Safety Roadshow is currently touring the UK, but if you need us in Djibouti, we're always open to discuss.

What's next?
Sit back. Relax. A tool tethering expert will reach out to arrange the finer detail, including dates and access.

Want to find out more?
You can always contact us, and we'll get right back.